Attic Insulation Installation



Is your home not properly insulated or your insulation damaged? You may be paying thousands of dollars more in energy costs every year. 

The main purpose of insulation is to regulate the flow of heat inside of your home, keeping the temperature in one space from leaking into the other. No enough insulation can result in higher energy bills along with uncomfortable temperatures in your home. Proper insulation installation in your home can dramatically reduce your heating and cooling costs. In the winter it will retain your home’s warmth, and in the summer it will keep your house cooler.

Insulation is measured by R-values. R-value measures insulation’s ability to reduce the rate of heat flow from one space to another, aka thermal resistance. The higher the “R” value, the more effective the insulation.


  • Can the average homeowner do this over a weekend as a DIY project?


For the average homeowner, removal and replacement of insulation can be a very difficult, labor-intensive and possibly dangerous process. Some of the risks posed to the homeowner include spreading airborne contaminants, mold spores and even disease. Rat droppings, are frequently found embedded within the insulation.

At Smarter Attic we are equipped to tackle this complex work. Our staff is fully certified and heavily experienced with insulation replacement; we have the equipment and knowledge to handle any job.


Many homeowners perform the removal process themselves, and when they are finished they carry the soiled insulation through their home to dispose of it, further spreading the contamination throughout their household. Our customers’ well-being is our top priority, which is why we use safe, sanitary methods of insulation removal to prevent further contamination.


You might think that it is better to have too much insulation than too little, but excessive insulation may harm the overall performance of your home’s HVAC system. Over-insulation restricts airflow through the ducts and reduces your home’s ventilation capability. This, in turn, gives rise to a host of issues, such as moisture problems, and harmful mold growth. Damage and Uncleanness this new Environment. 


Insulation technology has improved drastically in the last couple of decades. If you have an older home, new insulation will help increase efficiency and significantly reduce your energy costs. Our goal is to provide superior insulation removal & replacement service for all our clients


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