Attic Insulation Removal Service


Insulation that is damaged is insulation that is not performing its job properly. Rodents that make their home in your attic tend to destroy insulation fibers, and the droppings they leave behind cause contamination. Not only is your home efficiency reduced, but these contaminants and airborne particles will now be spread through air vents. Additionally, excess moisture in the environment can cause mold to grow, which creates significant health risks.

Removal of insulation from your attic or crawl-space may be necessary due to rodent infestation, debris, dirt or damage caused by remodeling and construction. Removing insulation is a hard and tedious project that requires specialized equipment and safety gear. All of the technicians at Smarter Attic are properly trained on every aspect of the attic cleanup, insulation removal and insulation installation process.

If your insulation has been damaged due to rodent infestation, construction, and remodeling, or any other reason, then it may no longer perform the way it was intended. This can result in increased energy costs to heat and cool your home.