Attic Radiant Barrier Installation Service


If got into your car after leaving it in the direct summer sun for a few hours, you know first-hand exactly how hot it can get! It can take your air conditioning unit a long time to cool down the inside of your car.

So, why does your car get so hot compared to the air outside? It’s because of solar heat from the sun that keeps on accumulating in your car. 

During the hot summer days, your attic, just like your car’s interior, can get uncomfortably hot. As the temperature rises to 110, 130, 140 degrees or more, the air in your home heats up intensely. Consequently, your home cooling system works harder, your power bill spikes, and you end up paying a lot more. A better alternative is to invest in a radiant barrier installation. 

A radiant barrier works to deflect harmful UV rays from the sun so that the heat is better direct out of your attic space and eventually into your home. A professionally installed radiant barrier in your attic space can save you and your family excessive energy bills every month.