Crawl Space Cleaning Service


When mice, rats, bats and raccoons nest in your crawl space for a long-time, they deposit urine and feces which in turn act as breeding ground for other contaminants such as viruses and bacteria. Because about 40% of the air in your living space is drawn from the crawl space, these contaminants easily find their way into your living space, posing serious health risk to you and your family. It is for this reason that crawl space cleaning is absolutely important. 

It’s best to leave crawl space cleanup to professionals. Crawling around in a dirty crawl space can expose you to a myriad of parasites and disease-causing micro-organisms.

Our technicians are experts in rodent decontamination and crawlspace cleaning. They have the necessary training, knowledge, and equipment required to safely inspect and clean your crawl space.

A decision to hire our crawl space cleaning professionals is a smart, safe, and efficient way to rescue your crawl space from dirty.

A dirty crawl space impacts your home in major ways.


A dirty crawl space is a cozy haven for allergens, mold, and all sorts of pests. Once moisture gets into your dirty crawl space, it facilitates the growth of mildew and mold. Also, it attracts more pests and insects into your home.

Since some of the air in your living space comes from the crawl space, a dirty crawl space consistently throws allergens, germs, and mycotoxins into your living space.


Because about 40% of the air in your home comes from the crawlspace, if your crawl space is dirty and cold, chances are your air conditioner will have a hard time heating your home. The end result is always drafty rooms, cold floors, and high energy bills.


Pests love warm spaces that are dark and infrequently visited and have quick access to food. This makes your dirty crawl space the ideal habitat for ants, spiders, roaches, squirrels, mice, rats, hornets and even snakes