Dryer Vent Cleaning Service



It greatly reduces the chance of a dryer fire

Cut down drying times through greater efficiency

Considerably lower your utility bills

Less dust around the house! Your dryer creates lots of lint, if your dryer vents clogged that lint cannot escape outside it does to the laundry room.

Prolongs the life span of your dryer

Lessens the amount of allergens in your house

Excessive heat produced by clogged dryer vents can easily ruin your clothes

How often should my dryer vent cleaned?

Every household differs, however a great rule of thumb is:

  • With 1-2 people in the house: Once every two years
  • With 3-5+ people in the household: Once per year

What are there any signs that my dryer vent should be cleaned?

  • Drying your clothes is taking longer than one cycle in order to dry each load
  • You are noticing less lint (sometimes no lint) on the lint trap when you check
  • You notice lint accumulation around the dryer vent hood (normally outside your home)
  • Clothing is extremely hot after a drying cycle, airflow is restricted
  • The surface of your dryer can be quite hot while in use
  • You see excessive lint on your clothes
  • You cannot remember when your dryer vent was last cleaned
  • Lint is incredibly flammable – mix that with the above mentioned and it could lead to a disaster