What is an attic renovation?

Allow us to explain what Smarter Attic means as far a "attic renovation" from start to finish

An attic renovation is where we remove your old insulation, rodent proof, air seal the attic and then install new insulation.

Each job is different based on the size of the home and attic. Most jobs are anywhere from 3-5 field technicians and can take anywhere from 20-60 man hours to complete including offsite setup.

Once the date and time for the project is set our crew arrive at the time agreed upon. We will then stage our box van in a way that allows us to the clearest path to the attic space. (Often times its usually better to go through a window on two story homes). We will then lay down plastic sheeting down on the ground and up the walls along with bumpers on all corners to prevent the hoses from rubbing on your walls. 

Once the inside of the home is setup we then move to setting up our equipment with large hoses that are used to remove the old insulation. You may hear the vacuum or the field technicians in the attic moving around as they begin the removal process of the insulation. The removal process can take 2-6 hours depending on the size of the home and attic along with how easy it is to move around inside the attic. If there are not soffit baffles installed we will install these to direct the heat. 

Once the insulation is thoroughly removed we move on to the air sealing and rodent proofing stage of the project. This is where we use expansion foam to seal small leaks from within the home which includes around lights, electrical penetrations, top plates (top of walls usually a 2x4). We then use a spray that deodorizes the attic of all rodent smells. This prevents the smell of the old rodents and also helps to keep them from thinking your attic is a safe place to make a home. Our Technicians will then move to the outside of your home and find every way possible to seal all rodents from re-entering your home. Please note we typically use a steal mesh with expansions foam, often times this is more a functional practice rather then aesthetic, we are trying to keep the rodents from re-entering your home. 

While the rodent proofing is occurring on the outside of you home our crews will begin the installation of new blown in insulation on the inside of your attic. We prefer blown in fiberglass or cellulose over spray or batting simply because its much more cost effective for our customers and a much faster practice. We then provide pictures of the completed attic in our invoice and clean the work space and vacuum the area we worked.

We do our best to mitigate airborne dust but please note this a dirty and dusty project. 

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