October 20, 2020

The Ins and Outs of Ductless Heat Pumps

As the name implies, a ductless heat pump disperses generated heat throughout the home without the use of ducts. These systems also provide cooling to spaces by reversing the refrigerant flow that takes place between outdoor and indoor units. Read on to gain useful knowledge that will help you make the right decisions for your heating and cooling system.

Ductless Heat Pumps in Action

Ductless heat pump components include an outdoor compressor and an indoor unit that handles air. The system works by moving warm air from one location to another. Ductless heat pumps come in single-zone and multi-zone varieties. Single-zone systems are great for small homes and buildings. The single-zone variety also provides adequate heat to buildings that enjoy open-design concepts. Homes and buildings on the larger side, or those with rooms separated from others, will do better with a multi-zone ductless heat pump.

Ductless heat pumps have two heat exchanger coils. One of these coils is responsible for condensing the refrigerant that enters the system. The second coil causes the refrigerant to evaporate. The refrigerant takes in the heat used to provide warmth to the home before it becomes evaporated. This heat is then released into the home after the refrigerant is condensed. The interaction between the coils allows the ductless heat pump to maintain the desired temperature indicated by the thermostat settings.

Reasons to Choose a Ductless Heat Pump

There are several benefits available to a building owner that chooses a ductless heat pump system to fulfill their heating needs. First of all, these systems are easily adaptable to buildings that do not possess ductwork. However, these systems can also act as a heat addition to a building that already sports a fully operational central heating system. Property owners who need additional heating without the trouble of installing or adding ductwork may find that ductless heat pumps are a perfect match for their needs.

The relatively small size and uncomplicated installation process are two other benefits awaiting new ductless heat pump owners. These systems also offer significant energy savings over the forced air systems more commonly used by home and business owners to provide heat to their properties. These savings come by way of eliminating the 20 to 30 percent of the air lost through leaks and other ductwork complications.

Air handling units located inside the home possess individual thermostat settings. This level of control allows family members to customize the temperature throughout their homes as they desire. This benefit includes the ability to provide spot heat to individual locations in the home or utilize the reversibility capacity of ductless heat pumps to cool a space when needed.

The fact that both floor models and wall-mounted air handling units are available to homeowners adds to the flexibility system users enjoy.

Selecting the Right Ductless Heat Pump

Home and business owners need to keep a few things in mind when choosing which ductless heat pump is best for them. Factors such as the number of people in the house, height of the ceilings in rooms, and window size will help determine the heating capacity the heat pump needs to possess. The next consideration is whether the homeowner chooses a single or multi-zone heat pump. The number of inside units necessary to manage the heat that enters the home is another important consideration.

Indoor handling units will need to possess enough BTUs to handle the workload asked of them, and homeowners should make sure they choose an installation spot that provides enough space for the condensing tube to drain.

Home and business owners located in colder areas may also want to pay attention to the heating season performance factor for any ductless heat pumps they consider. If the cooling ability of the heat pump is also of interest to the homeowner, the SEER rating will provide an idea of the unit’s cooling capacity.

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