Quality UV Air Scrubbers for Manteca

    Fresh Aire LogoAt Smarter Attic, we proudly offer homeowners a wide variety of indoor air quality solutions to make the air you breathe safer and cleaner. One of the most popular products we install are UV air scrubbers in Manteca, CA, and the surrounding Central Valley communities. These incredible devices are installed simply and easily in your existing central air system to provide whole-home air purification. You can fight bacteria, viruses, mold and more all with one highly effective product!

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    Fresh-Aire UV Air Scrubbers in Central Valley

    Fresh-Aire UV is a global leader in UV disinfection systems, and we proudly install the masterfully crafted APCO whole-home air purifier for our customers. By treating the air in your home as it passes through your central air system, it prevents the spread of harmful airborne contaminants. The APCO air scrubber utilizes UV-C light and activated carbon to sterilize microbes in your air supply. It’s proven to be completely safe and extremely effective, and will greatly improve the air you breathe. Plus, the Fresh-Aire UV air scrubbers we install produce no ozone as a byproduct!

    Fresh-Aire UV Air Scrubbers in Central Valley

    Fresh-Aire UV air scrubbers are effective against:
    • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
    • Viruses
    • Bacteria
    • Mold
    • Odors
    • Chemical vapors
    • And more!

    The APCO is award-winning, taking home the AHR Innovation Award for Indoor Air Quality in 2011 and 2020. In addition to your air supply, it even disinfects all of the surfaces that your central air system reaches, making it a safe, effective way to treat all of the air and surfaces in your home.

    Your Indoor Air Quality Pros

    Residents of Manteca and all of Central Valley trust our team at Smarter Attic for quality craftsmanship and performance-driven results, and you can too! We make every effort to help homeowners improve their indoor home comfort and efficiency, and our indoor air quality solutions achieve just that. We’re always more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our products like the APCO air scrubber, and help you find solutions that you’ll feel confident fully address your needs. Our team is honest, transparent, and highly experienced, so you can trust our expertise in all things air quality.

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    To learn more about having a premium UV air scrubber installed in your central air system, please call our experienced air quality experts today!